Mike H., (Kai's Father, 6yrs.) - 

World Champion Taekwondo Academy is, by far, one of the most important aspects of our child’s life. Grandmaster Ryu  has created an atmosphere of inspiration both physically and mentally for all the students. I watched my child transform physically from being timid and barely able to touch his toes to now kicking above his head and looking forward to his weekly sparring class. His confidence at school has escalated greatly as a result of this program as well. I’ve been teaching high school for twelve years, and I also am inspired by the work at the academy. Master Pae and Master Ryu make me want to be a better teacher, as I watch them every week connect with kids and adults, motivating them, pushing them, and loving them with individual attention and never a generic, one-size-fits-all approach. And that is the final, and possibly most important aspect of this experience—they have fostered a family out of all the participants. Our kids are close. The parents and adults come together as friends. I truly believe in this program and everything they have nurtured and created more than most things in this world. Our son has tried many activities from baseball to soccer to gymnastics, but World Champion TKD has and will remain the one constant in his life because he loves every minute of the experience and the strict and loving care of Grandmaster Ryu. This is the elite program for children and adults alike who are ready to introduce a positive change in their lives.

Jen G.,(Bianca-9yrs. & Gigi-7yrs.'s mother)

  We love Master Ryu and his Tae Kwon Do school. Master is wonderfully patient with the younger children. He reinforces always trying hard and doing your best in all aspects in life, not just tae kwon do.

Christy M.  

 Best taekwondo school in America! Real authentic Kukkiwon taekwondo not the fake ata version many others teach. Only Kukkiwon is recognized in Olympics and by Taekwondo headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Parab K.

Excellent Taekwondo school.  Great energy all around. GrandMaster Ryu is dedicated, energetic,passionate and has brought a positive vibe to this dojang. Children and adults get quality training alike. GM Ryu  pushes you to extract the best out of you. He knows how to mix fun with challenge .  His team which includes Master Ryan and other instructors share the same passion and  energy when they teach. I recommend WCTA to everyone ( regardless of age) who wants to embark on their journey of this world famous martial art !!!!

Erin H.,(Tyler's mother,12yrs.) 

Our family has benefited in so many ways by enrolling our son in classes at World Champion Taekwondo Academy. Not only from the martial arts standpoint, but from the lifelong friendships that have developed...not only for my son, but myself and husband as well. Classes are hard, but fun....the kids don't even realize how hard they are actually working!! I realize that fun isn’t the only benefit Tyler has received at WCTA. He has learned and practiced safety skills for many different real-life situations. He has learned self-defense and appropriate times to use these skills. He is reminded to show respect, to set an example, and to be honest at all times. Taekwondo became a life skill he has worked hard to acquire and could be proud of. He has spent the last 4+ years learning the value of commitment and follow through. All the while, his confidence increased. I appreciate and respect Grand Master Ryu and Master Pae and their commitment to the sport they love so much. I am grateful for all that my son has learned and benefited through WCTA, and “fun” was just a part of it!"

Angie C.,(Preston-9yrs. & Sophia 6yrs.) 

Grand Master Ryu doesn’t look out only for his own interests, but take an interest in others!! He is strict but gentle. He is serious but has funny moments. He is able to connect with his students in a way that many teacher don't know how. He is a great Grand Master and martial artist!!    Our family enjoy attending to WCTA to show our appreciation and loyalty to his teachings! Thanks you GMR !!

Nelly W.,

My son is going to be a black belt candidate and I can tell he has a dramatic change on attitude because of Master Ryu put a lot of efforts on the training. He enjoys the class and always does his best as well in every class. I also join and return to the adult class for muscle and mind training class. We have a great bounding with the family class members after we conquer the 100 kicks. The most important is that WCTA Master Ryu really focuses on his career as a MASTER and a MENTOR other than a businessman. 
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我的儿子将成为一名黑带候选人,我可以说他的态度发生了戏剧性的变化,因为Ryu大师在训练上付出了很多努力。 儿子喜欢上课,每个課都要尽力而为。 我也加入并返回成人班,进行肌肉和心灵训练课程。 在我们征服了100次踢球之后,我们与家庭成员有很大的联系。 最重要的是,WCTA Master Ryu真正专注于他作为MASTER和MENTOR的职业生涯,而不是商人。

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